J.C. Hollywood

A group of Californian scientists thought they had built the ultimate pop culture supercomputer. But when the secrets nearly fell into the hands of Russian spies they were forced to upload the data directly into the brain of a local mall rat, instantly transforming him into fashion crime fighter J.C.Hollywood.

Stella Hart

Mild mannered fashion designer Sophie Heartly seemed destined for a life of shoulder-pads and power-suits, until she created her “synergised” earrings. When the Amiga 2600 chip in her creation is activated, Sophie is transformed into global super star Stella Hart. Truly, truly outrageous!

Adz Arcadium

When the enterprising crew members of a futuristic star-ship traveled back in time with a mission to save the whales, they brought something else with them. The boy, raised in a virtual reality world, found himself drawn to the local video arcade where his knowledge of the future enabled him to “top score” every arcade game on the planet, giving rise to the legend of Adz Arcadium.

Davey Rockett

When David Rockett moved to a new town he struggled to fit in. His unique style gained him to the attention of the local prom-queen, but also the local bully. Things were looking bleak until a rogue repairman took Davey under his wing, introducing him to the ancient art of drum-fu. By the end of the summer David Rocket was gone, and Davey Rockett was born.


Born with a foot on each side of the Berlin wall, Pete seemed destined to live a life of two halves. The in-between man. The ebony and the ivory. Dr Heckyl and Mr jive. That is, until the fateful day when he was reunified by the unbridled power of a shirtless David Hasselhoff. Now he surges through life as the truly “electric” man.

Dani Wilde

Raised in a town that strictly forbade musical expression, Dani was forced to flee to the jungles of Borneo where she was taken in by a wandering pack of wolves. Ten years later she emerged, reborn as something completely new. Raw. Unapologetic. Wilde. And the world had no choice but to adapt or bow down before Dani Wilde.
As one of Australia’s most sought-after 80s cover bands , our commitment to production values make sure you have an absolutely fantastic experience, every time.
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